Full guide of create amazing conference You get access to all examples and content of creating a conference eBook.

You are going to study what you must do to organize a successful conference.
One thing you can say with certainty, is that the time, you invest in reading it, will be the best investment you will make in the coming year regarding improving your capabilities, avoid mistakes of creating a successful conference.

“It will help you make significant savings in budget, time and energy“.
It is valid for small and intimate conferences, and large, multi-participant conferences, as well as short conferences or long ones that go on for several days.

Step by Step Guide

This step by step guide can make it easy and efficient to create the conference you have dreamed on.
You will save a lot of  time, energies and budget!

Life experience

This eBook is based on a lot of experience and findings from real life events. You will find secrets in it that most people do not even think about when organizing a conference. Knowing that what you are doing is accurate and precised, what mistakes to avoid etc…

Budgeting Your Conferences

Whether you are on a limited budget or whether you want to create a dream conference, you have come to the right place!
From calculating how much to charge your sponsors and clients to cost of expenses.

Time Saver

In this eBook you get all the built-in templates and files in Word and Excel that you will need!!!
All you have to do is add your company logo and change the conference details and the signature.

Read this eBook and start your conference! Start planning your conference with all information that you need to start your successful conference:

This eBook contain word docs, excels, examples of:
Expenses & Budget
Price proposals
Email structures
Save the date newsletters and many more.

What Our Readers Are Saying Now if we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!

Richard Binstock

A very informative book that is jam-packed with examples and tips to help you succeed with creating your conferences. Nowadays, people are looking for new ways to reach new clients and by creating a targeted conference, you can can establish many new relationships face-to-face. This is definitely the right time to get your knowledge and DIY, and build the network you need for your business. You don’t have to worry about any other tools, apps or subscriptions because all the information you need is right here in this awesome book. I recommend you get your copy asap!

Yulia Reinshmidt keynote speaker and academic conference manager

I find this book very interesting and helpful, because obviously as a conference key note speaker and moderator I would want to know how conference created and how I can enlarge my skills in it. this book can help many companies to develop their conferences department in various field using the tools presented in this book. By implementing everything what has written I’m sure you are on your way to your most successful year ever! I would surely recommend this book!

Marina Naomi Smolyanov Global Key Note Speaker and an expert for Political Communication

This is the greatest book for someone trying to learn everything at once on creating conferences. I didn’t expect to have so many examples in the book and be able to learn from them quickly. to learn all this information I needed such as how long it takes to plan a conference etc. the information is just as great as though I had paid more somewhere else for the same information. We would not be able to get books like this if it were not for this writer and Amazon. Thanks to you both.

Dana Eliyahu eBook Author and Conferences Expert

For the last seven years I have worked in the conference industry at my own company, Shine Conferences. Some of my clients are: Wix, Similarweb, IG, London Stock Exchange and many others

I hold a BA in Business Administration from Middlesex University, London and have extensive knowledge of WordPadice, business development, marketing strategy and marketing management

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